[RESOLVED] Thinkpad L412 & CentOS 6

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[RESOLVED] Thinkpad L412 & CentOS 6

Post by NedSlider » 2011/07/16 22:03:41

johnrdavisjr wrote:
Just wanted to report back, that the latest Catalyst in the testing branch of EL-Repo is 11.6 and successfully installed on my laptop, and am using PowerXpress with NO LAG, unlike the binary blob(even with generating a package).

Thank you su much Alan for your work!

If you would like you can close this. Anyone want me to post my config for the laptop? If so, let me know and I can post whatever information you would like.[/quote]

Thanks John for the feedback.

Given some positive reports, I've now moved the 11.6 drivers from testing to the main elrepo repository.

I will also try to keep them updated too so running 'yum update' with elrepo enabled will automatically keep them updated for you.

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