installing CentOS on Dell 7540 AIO system

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installing CentOS on Dell 7540 AIO system

Post by enginerc » 2018/04/19 17:54:03

recently we have gotten Dell Latitude 7540 AIO system, while installing CentOS we can not get it working stable. sometimes it works sometimes it does not, when it boots we generality just see black screen ... Hardware is fine since Ubuntu and Mint works just fine on it
Any help is appreciated.

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Re: installing CentOS on Dell 7540 AIO system

Post by pjsr2 » 2018/04/21 13:13:58

I cannot find an introduction date of Dell Latitude 7540 AIO (are you sure that name is correct?), but since you mention that you recently acquired is, I assume it is a recent model.

CentOS-6 is based on Red Hat EL-6. RHEL-6 has entered Maintenance Phase 2 in May 2017, which means that support for newer hardware is no longer added, as explained in the support policy You may be better off installing the latest version of CentOS-7.

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