What are my options regarding getting errata information for CentOS?

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What are my options regarding getting errata information for CentOS?

Post by kmiller10 » 2021/08/11 18:06:22


I'm a newbie in the Linux world so forgive me if I ask obvious questions.

Our org deployed 100s of CentOS machines to users with the sole purpose of running yum updates whenever we get the chance. Other than that, they are AD managed and we deploy playbooks whenever we need to make changes.

On the updates management side, we got nothing. We're considering just managing it ourselves but I'm stumped on where to get errata information for CentOS machines. Googling around, I found this website and was wondering how hard would it be to replicate it. We're exploring all of our options and maybe running a local repo would work, but I have no idea where to scrape that data from.

Googling around didn't yield many results. Most of the things I found were outdated or simply referring me back to steve Meier's website, which looks like an option as well, but I have no idea if there are security compromises to this way of patching.

Any information would be great :)

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Re: What are my options regarding getting errata information for CentOS?

Post by TrevorH » 2021/08/11 18:12:40

For CentOS 6: none at all. It's dead and there will be no more fixes ever.

If you're not using CentOS 6 and this is in the wrong forum section then let us know and someone will move it to the right place. Be aware that RH have pulled the plug on CentOS Linux 8 and it follows CentOS 6 to EOLland at the end of this year. CentOS 7 is supported until 2024.

CentOS does not supply errata information for any version and never has - it's one of the features that was never implemented as there were concerns over copyright on the errata pages so if that's important to you then the standard answer is "Use RHEL". There are scripts out there to parse the Red Hat errata pages and construct errata data for yum to use and it appears you've already found them.
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