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PHP 7.2

Posted: 2020/09/10 22:53:31
by alexthefiend

So i'm new to upgrading php for centos and had a couple questions when it comes to upgrading php for WHM/CPanel. We have php 5.6 at the moment and we are having issues with upgrading wordpress. I was wondering if we upgrade php 5.6 to 7.2,7.3, or 7.4 would that cause heavy usage on the server?

Re: PHP 7.2

Posted: 2020/09/10 23:22:04
by TrevorH
If you have cpanel then you need to ask their support for guidance as they supply the php on your server and will know how to help you. Any advice we might give, applicable for a non-cpanel system, might break yours.

Please note that you only have about 12 weeks of life left on CentOS 6 and there is no upgrade process from one major version to a newer one. You will need to reinstall your system and apps, restore your data and configure everything.