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Webserver issue in centos 6

Posted: 2020/05/01 17:44:22
by yaseen
Hi guys ,

I am using centos 6.9 and installed webserver on it .My topology is below :
Centos -server : MGMT network and private network attached . Webserver installed .

Centos - client : MGMT and private network attached .

From client When I try to download the larger files from server by using wget through admin network it's works fine , but when try to do from private network it doesn't and stays at the 0% after many hours also. On private network it will only able to download 1 MB files.

I have tested the private network with some other instances like centos7 , ubuntu etc and it works fine.

Only when I use both centos 6 images as client and server then only getting the issue , if I replace any one of the client or server with centos7 , ubuntu,redhat didn't face the issue.

Verified the tcp dump , arp and Network end as well but no luck.

It will be really greatful if some one can help me with it.


Re: Webserver issue in centos 6

Posted: 2020/05/01 20:07:10
by Whoever
Start by updating to CentOS 6.10. It's as simple as running

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yum update