Mondo Rescue - option to choose which VGs to backup

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Mondo Rescue - option to choose which VGs to backup

Post by unxaix » 2019/05/13 17:46:24

Hello guys

Does anybody know if there is an option to choose which VGs to be included in the Mondo rescue ISO and which not ( not just filesystems/mount points but the whole VG ) ?
In case of a database server for example, there is no need to backup the database filesystems/VG as it is not going to be consistent anyway and the size of the restore image is going to be huge.
I did notice Mondo wants to find the exact number of disks on the target server as on the source server or it will fail while trying to recreate the VGs layout during the recover.
Basically, I just want to be able to quickly bring up the OS and restore from backup the rest of the application/database data.
Thank you very much.

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