Windows Server Core for game server atop Linux

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Windows Server Core for game server atop Linux

Post by Rct_Tsoul » 2019/02/21 20:04:53

I love CentOS, its perfect for running multiple game servers on a headless server and also being problem free.
The problem is with Microsoft C Sharp using Microsoft Exclusive libs prevents the game devs from making a Linux Dedicated Server.
Now Microsoft does have Windows Sever Core that is a command line ONLY headless server console only option, if I understand correctly Microsoft Server Core and be installed on a system as the main OS, then I could install CentOS to run under Microsoft Server Core.
As Server Core is a stripped down version of Window down to the Dos prompt itself, it still has access to the Microsoft libs but lacks the ability to run the game server, I can't remember where I seen it but I remember reading about Centos and a few other distros that can run Windows based game servers if recompiled on the machine its self with the Windows Server Evaluation or fully licensed version of Windows Server 2012 or greater with Mingu using the Make command to run in a DoS console ....... kind like the hello world first program.
Then you reboot to the Server Core with CentOS and start the server by executing the gamededicatedserv.exe under as Linux now is able to run programs using Microsoft Exclusive libs........... it may be a wild goose chase, but if anyone has had any experience with this, p lease let me know, as I'm sure there is more to it than I have explained above.
The game server I want to run is a Space Engineers dedicated game server.

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