usb installer?

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usb installer?

Post by bashuramedi » 2019/01/27 06:36:05

How can I create a usb installer disk on centos6. I couldn't get any program run (rufus,unetbootin etc)

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Re: usb installer?

Post by TrevorH » 2019/01/27 15:18:11

The iso images are ready to be copied to a USB stick. They need (and shouldn't have) any changes made to them so you do not need special utilities to copy them. The best utility that we can recommend is plain old 'dd'. Unetbootin is just broken and should not be used for the CentOS images. Rufus can be similarly broken if used with the wrong options (you have to tell it to operate in iso mode I believe).

If you're on a Windows system then there are ports of dd available. I'd recommend reading the following link and then taking the download links from within that page to the locations for dd or for rawrite2 as both of those point to known working copies of the utilities in question. Information on USB key based installs can be found at
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