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Install VNSTAT

Posted: 2019/01/25 08:24:46
by herdot
dear all,

i have a basic question as below :
1. in our server has installed cacti and nagios, if i want to install vnstat and apache2 ( as requirement for vnsstat ) could be conflict ?
2. how to know my apache version in centos syntax?

thank's a lot

Re: Install VNSTAT

Posted: 2019/01/25 09:34:45
by TrevorH
You can find vnstat in the EPEL yum repo. If you don't have that installed now then run yum --enablerepo=extras install epel-release then you can install vnstat. However, vnstat says that it's "a console-based network traffic monitor that keeps a log of daily network traffic for the selected interface(s)". That does not sound like it needs apache installed.

To know your apache version, run rpm -q httpd or yum list httpd if it's not currently installed.