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SSHD failing on Centos 6.4

Posted: 2018/11/18 05:57:08
by sanju01
CentOS 6.4 on VirtualBox had been working for me along with SSH. Then I had to change subnet of host and so guest machines. After that I am facing issues:
1. CentOS 6.4 got struck in boot with Black Screen --> This got level by changing runlevel to 3 from 5.
2. SSHD is failing still on runlevel 3 as well.
Service sshd start gives "Starting sshd: /etc/init.d/sshd: line 128: 1997 Illegal instruction (core dumped ) $SSHD $OPTIONS "

I checked line 128 in/etc/init.d/sshd its just start -x invocation.

Any help on fixing the above problem? Thanks in Advance.
Just to inform, I don't have internet connectivity on this machine. Network Service start fine and its intranet connectivity is all fine.

Re: SSHD failing on Centos 6.4

Posted: 2018/11/18 14:12:27
by TrevorH
Don't use 6.4. It's more than 5 years old and riddled with security bugs. You need to yum update to get to 6.10.

Are you sure you didn't make other changes or that you don't have a hardware problem?