Relationship between Errata and updates

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Relationship between Errata and updates

Post by dwolfe » 2018/08/22 21:08:49

I am familiar with using "yum update" to keep my system packages up to date, but heard a vendor talk about doing errata updates, and I do not understand the relationship between errata, and updates. I thought that if my system had available updates, I should see a proportional list of errata to be applied, but do not. The system in my example below is CentOS 6.9.
"yum check-update" shows me a few dozen packages with available updates, but
"yum updateinfo list" shows me just one errata item.
Why do I not see errata for the other updates, do they not include security, bug fixes, and enhancements?
Thank you for your consideration.

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Re: Relationship between Errata and updates

Post by jamesbook » 2018/09/11 12:56:06

This seems to be a bug. I haveI have the same issue while using

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Re: Relationship between Errata and updates

Post by TrevorH » 2018/09/11 15:10:25

It's not a bug. CentOS just does not provide the necessary metadata for the yum-plugin-security to function. It's not supported. If you see any packages listed under e.g. yum updateinfo then they are most likely to be from third party repos like EPEL which do support this.

From a CentOS POV, all packages are security updates and should all be applied.
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