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Opening files from firefox

Post by ohw0571 » 2018/07/23 10:19:13

Dear community,

while the recent bug regarding file system access in Firefox 60 has been fixed, opening files linked on web pages is still a pain.
By default, FF offers files (e.g. JPG, PDF) to be opened by "xdg-open" -- which does just nothing. Trying to choose an application manually, the user is presented exclusively with Firefox and Evolution (the viewer integrated in Firefox works for PDF files but probably not for most other file types).

This is certainly not the way it is supposed to be. It seems this FF version is simply not integrated properly with EL6. Is RH maybe losing interest in EL6, now that EL8 is getting close to beta release ... ?

Maybe someone has a clue how to get back to the previous well-working state ;-)

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