Firefox crashes

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Firefox crashes

Post by thejanitor » 2018/07/13 19:49:29

My apologies if this is not the correct forum for this post:

CentOS 6 with KDE desktop upgraded today via standard CentOS yum repos to Firefox Quantum 60.1.0esr (64bit)

Every dialogue that involves a file manager (eg upload in a website, browse in preferences, open a file in the browser Ctrl+O, and import a certificate into the Certificate Manager - there may be more I havn't found yet) causes Firefox to crash with no crash messages or other dialogue.

I have tried: (on 2 different computers both with CentOS 6 & KDE and Firefox Quantum 60.1.0esr (64bit) )
Restarting with all Add-ons disabled
Removing all add-ons, plug-ins and extensions and restarting
Deleting the profile and starting from scratch
Removing Firefox via Yum and reinstalling

Nothing has any impact on the browser crashing when any dialogue involving displaying a file manager was involved.

Any thoughts would be very gratefully received.

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Re: Firefox crashes

Post by TrevorH » 2018/07/13 21:00:16 documents this. It links in turn to and also says: Modify the /usr/bin/firefox startup script per
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Re: Firefox crashes

Post by thejanitor » 2018/07/13 21:17:28

Hi TrevorH,

That worked perfectly :D

I cant thank you enough for taking the trouble to solve this, it was driving me mad !

Kindest regards.

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