Windows 10 guest?

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Windows 10 guest?

Post by simon@bp » 2017/04/19 20:49:28

Has anyone got a Windows 10 guest running under KVM on a Centos 6.x host?

I could only get this working on CentOS 7. The installation hung right at the start, showing a Windows splash screen. Nothing else appeared on the display, before or after.

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Re: Windows 10 guest?

Post by ASTONE » 2020/05/30 15:54:47

I've been struggling with this exact problem for three weeks. Nothing I the literature I've found addresses the problem. I believe it's a problem of compatibility. RH Portal indicates it's not supported.

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Re: Windows 10 guest?

Post by TrevorH » 2020/05/30 16:11:58

If it's any use, I had a Windows Server 2019 guest running under KVM on CentOS 6 for a few weeks until I converted the host to CentOS 7. Never tried Win 10 and don't have a CentOS 6 host any more.
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