Another app is currently holding the yum lock

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Another app is currently holding the yum lock

Post by neuronetv » 2017/03/15 10:37:47

I have a centos 6.8 machine that is plagued with this problem. This is a fast machine and I can get yum going again by killing the pid but it's a pain having to do it all the time.What puzzles me is it never used to be like this, it seems to have developed this problem suddenly and I can't work out how to correct it, despite having trawled google for ages. Another side problem is that yum is really slow as well. I'm on a 20Mbit connection and when updating or installing anything I only get 100kb/s at best and it shouldn't be like this. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Another app is currently holding the yum lock

Post by TrevorH » 2017/03/15 13:41:55

The messages gives you the pid of the other copy of yum that is running. Use that and ps to find out what it is and who is launching it.
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