Centos 6 upgrade

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Centos 6 upgrade

Post by jgdolezal » 2011/08/31 20:33:56

I'm on 5.6.
Is Centos 6 truly released or only in beta?
When I downloaded the iso for 6 it was 150 mb larger than a 4.7 dvd. But there was only 1 iso image.
Should it fit on a 4.7?
Can the burner software (I'm using imgburn) affect the size?
Thanks ahead of time - Greg :-D

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Re: Centos 6 upgrade

Post by dcmarti1 » 2011/08/31 21:22:41

I am 99% sure that CentOS 6 was official in July 2011.

I, however, installed from the netinstall.iso for a first time install, not upgrade. The 6.0 LiveCD, from this site:


is less than 700MB. My AtlanticMetro LiveCDs (32 and 64 bit) both ran fine.

However, I have seen hosting sites where the one 6.0 LiveCD IS greater then 700 MB. That I cannot explain.....

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Centos 6 upgrade

Post by hawaiian717 » 2011/08/31 23:03:55

CentOS 6.0 is truly released.

The 32-bit (i386) install DVD is just a little bit too big to fit on a single-layer DVD+R; it does fit on a single-layer DVD-R or on a dual-layer DVD+R. The 64-bit (x86_64) install media is two discs and fits on any variation of recordable DVD media. See the Known Issues section of the Release Notes.

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