kdenlive or kazam

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kdenlive or kazam

Post by pmperry » 2011/08/31 01:49:06

Anyone know of an easy way to install kazam and kdenlive on Cent OS 6? I've been trying to find this software but man the resources are very hard to find.

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Re: kdenlive or kazam

Post by dcmarti1 » 2011/08/31 09:38:49

The kdenlive site (here)


says that the software is available at rpmfusion repository.

Their site (rpmfusion) has instructions on how to enable the repo:


They have CentOS links. Once the repo is in, I assume you could do a 'yum search' and then a 'yum install' of kdenlive. There is an IMPORTANT NOTE at the rpmfusion.org/config page:

"Important notes -
You need to enable EPEL on RHEL 5 & 6 or compatible distributions like CentOS before you enable RPM Fusion for EL. See the fedoraproject wiki for instruction how to enable EPEL."

EPEL repo is here:


I can't find squat on kazam other than at Ubuntu sites.

I am very new to CentOS and I've only CLI enabled 1 repo before, but I hope this helps. Please, any CentOS Master feel free to deride me if any of this is wrong.

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kdenlive or kazam

Post by TrevorH » 2011/08/31 09:56:51

Looks fine to me with the proviso that enabling third party repos really needs you to install and configure yum-priorities and/or yum-protectbase before you install anything from them. That's to stop random packages from those repos overwriting the CentOS supplied ones and causing headaches further down the line.

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