389-DS / CentOS-DS

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389-DS / CentOS-DS

Post by smustafa » 2011/08/27 09:50:03

We're trying to roll out some new DSs based on CentOS-DS/389-DS on a national scale of 20 branches + HQ for the Jordanian Red Crescent and I've done this a few dozen times successfully on CentOS 5.3 and 5.5 but for the life of me I can't seem to be able to figure out how to do this on CentOS 6. The same applies for VNC and FreeNX.

I've been reading a bit on the forums and it seems that not everything is available for 6. If its a matter of reverting to 5.6 (for example) temporarily, we have no worries about that, but I worry about the lack of direct upgrade path from 5.x to 6, so I'd much rather install this on 6 from the start.



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389-DS / CentOS-DS

Post by dcmarti1 » 2011/08/27 14:23:38

I am in NO way a sys admin, but I found this about CentOS 6 and DS:


Here is a snippet:

EL6 support is . . . tricky. We will not provide support for 6.0 - too
many missing dependencies. With RHEL6.1, since the 389-ds-base package
is provided by the base OS, we cannot provide them via EPEL, hence the
use of the private developer repo at fedorapeople.org. The other
"problem" with EL6 is that the 389-ds-base package is not the full
package - it is missing the replication and windows sync bits (hence the
problem with the missing repl-monitor.pl). You have to pay extra for
the ds-replication package in RHEL6 - right now it is available as a
"tech preview" from your local sales rep. The 389-ds-base package from
fedorapeople.org does have the replication bits.

So, to summarize, if you want the full 389 ds/admin/console on EL6:
1) you must use EL 6.1 or later
2) you must use 389-ds-base from the fedorapeople.org repo
3) you must use EPEL6 for the other packages

I see you work with the Jordanian RC, so I tried to google some stuff for you. I have a a very standard CentOS 6 desktop because I need stability. I guess you could say Linux runs me instead of "I run Linux". Hope this helps.


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