How do write script to record blu-ray DVD?

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How do write script to record blu-ray DVD?

Post by jvsrvcs » 2011/07/15 16:20:11

I want to write a bash shell script that will record a blu-ray DVD to a single .iso file.

I have such a script for regular DVD's that I have put together (it does not record 1 in 10 DVD's for some reason but works reasonably well).

What commands / libs would I need to do this? am willing to share back or post an article on how to do this once I get it working.

I have the money to buy apps that do this, but I do not want to push that many buttons to record a dvd, just script it and have it dumped to a .iso for recording to another DVD or for mounting and playing without going to DVD direct.

I am using CentOS 6.

Is there a Linux/DVD specific forum anywhere that can answer this if no one here can?

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