How to mount Fedora 9 partion under 6.0?

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Re: How to mount Fedora 9 partion under 6.0?

Post by jvsrvcs » 2011/07/15 21:43:02

yes thanks, I tried that. It says the /dev/x device is already mounted or the is busy.

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Re: How to mount Fedora 9 partion under 6.0?

Post by AlanBartlett » 2011/07/16 01:30:32

There is not a lot that can currently be said about your problem(s) because you system configuration is essentially unknown.

I know you will not like what I am about to type but neither I, nor any other volunteer, is prepared to go down the route of asking twenty questions, then getting twenty imprecise answers back followed by a "[i]why don't you do it for me[/i]" type of comment.

Please carefully read [url=]How To Provide Information About Your System[/url] and, by following it precisely, make available for viewing the output returned by executing [b]./[/b].

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Re: How to mount Fedora 9 partion under 6.0?

Post by TrevorH » 2011/07/16 01:35:00

jvsrvcs wrote:
Can you read the manual for me and simply tell me what I need to do after you have sorted through 100 pages or so and find exactly what I am looking for? If I wanted to read anything, I would not have posted here. It seems that every response I get from every question I post here is from someone that does not know the answer.

Don't you people have anything better to do with your day than to simply reply to posts that you do not know the answer to and in summary say "I don't know, you might want to look somewhere else, Have you tried" ?[/quote]

You know what? Your attitude sucks so I'm not remotely inspired to help you even though I know the answer. When you learn some manners, maybe I'll reconsider. Meanwhile, have you tried

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