How to create a bootable ramdisk ?

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How to create a bootable ramdisk ?

Post by sboorbou » 2011/07/13 15:02:26

Hi everyone

My english is very poor and if something weird or missing, sorry.

I want to create a "appliance" using centos 6.
I want a read-only disc in a SSD ( ramdisk ) and /var ( logs etc ) and /home in
another disk.

How make this?

I was searching "how to use a live cd from HD" but I do not find nothing

and when i need upgrade this, I jus want chance de image in SSD....


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How to create a bootable ramdisk ?

Post by pschaff » 2011/07/14 19:24:55

If I understand correctly you should be able to install to SSD and use hard disk partitions or other writable storage for things than need to be writable (/etc /var and /home as a minimum) and mounting the root filesystem read-only. I don't know if the SSD ([b]not[/b] the same as a ramdisk) can be physically write-protected.

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