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Post by glennzo » 2011/07/13 10:07:51

Since a search of the site failed to provide any links here, I ask. What is api.access.redhat.com with regard to abrt crash reporting? I tried adding system monitor to the top panel in CentOS 6 but it crashed. Abrt reported this crash to me and I was offered a chance to report the crash to the "authorities" but I was prompted to register or log in with an existing user name / password. I don't have an account for this system. Looking at the Redhat site leads me to believe that I actually need a Redhat account if I want to report this crash. How can I handle this in the future?

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Re: api.access.redhat.com

Post by lightdot » 2011/07/14 13:40:07

Hm, this might be a CentOS bug. I don't think CentOS' ABRT should make reports directly to Red Hat.

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Re: api.access.redhat.com

Post by pschaff » 2011/07/14 18:57:56

Seems like a [url=http://bugs.centos.org/main_page.php]bug report[/url] is warranted. If one is made please provide a link here.

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