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Any Final Updates for CentOS 6?

Posted: 2020/11/30 17:46:57
by adnaansheikh
I understand as of writing today (Nov 30) this is the last day of CentOS 6 support. Will there be any final updates or patches available today or after today for vulnerabilities that were found several weeks or months ago that have not yet been addressed? Last update I had for kernel and other important updates in CentOS 6 came up on November 13, 2020. Nothing newer seems to have appeared since. But when I look at RedHat 6.x systems under Redhat Errata, I still see some vulnerabilities, like for openJDK, net-snmp and some other software packages that were addressed between Nov 17 until today.

I understand RHEL is subscription-based for paying customers and CentOS is built on it's source, it's free and supported on an "as-is" basis; but still, is there any remaining updates that were still in the pipeline after the Nov 13th update that we might expect by day's end or a one-time grand finale update in the repos after today?

Re: Any Final Updates for CentOS 6?

Posted: 2020/11/30 21:27:52
by TrevorH
CentOS will build all the updates that are released by Red Hat if the source is made public. As far as I know, there are updates released today for RHEL 6 for thunderbird and firefox and both of these should be released by CentOS too.

Re: Any Final Updates for CentOS 6?

Posted: 2020/11/30 21:41:23
by adnaansheikh
That's good to know, thanks.
Also, I would also assume if I ran yum update tomorrow then I might see error messages indicating the repos are no longer available.