Error after installing on CentOS 6

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Error after installing on CentOS 6

Post by NachoV » 2020/10/08 07:14:43

I installed the panel on CentOS 6 without any problems. Everything work correctly. Set additional things, already launched first site. And I saw that cron was sending an error message.

This is the task of the cron
sudo / usr / local / vesta / bin / v-update-sys-queue backup

Sends this
Non-standard uts for running kernel:
release 4.19-ovh-xxxx-std-ipv6-64 = 4.19.0 gives version code 267008

What is this all about? Did Vesta get up incorrectly or is there a problem with CentOS 6?

I watched:
uname -r

And than:
yum update
No Packages marked for Update

Please tell me what problem?

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Re: Error after installing on CentOS 6

Post by TrevorH » 2020/10/08 09:23:25

We do not support any sort of "panel" software. Any problems you experience after installing a panel need to be addressed to the vendor of that panel.

In addition, that is not a CentOS kernel so that is not a CentOS system and nor should you be deploying a new CentOS 6 system at this stage of its life. It has about 6 weeks of life left before it goes EOL and trots off to meet its maker.
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