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rpm doubt

Post by stephankub » 2020/09/28 14:31:38

Hi Team,

I need to install the stress rpm in centos 6.8 can some one please share me the link


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Re: rpm doubt

Post by TrevorH » 2020/09/28 14:50:22

CentOS 6.8 is more than 4 years out of date. You need to yum update to 6.10 to get current. There are numerous high severity secuurity problems in 6.8 that have been fixed since. In addition, you have only approximately 2 months of life left in CentOS 6 at all as it stops being supported at the end of November 2020. You should be planning your migration to something newer. Actually you should have started that months ago! :-(

You can find 'stress' in the EPEL third party yum repo. Run yum install epel-release to install it if you don't have it already.

And the clock is ticking, start migrating sooner rather than later.
CentOS 6 died in November 2020 - migrate to a new version!
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