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Lost My user Passwd !! help I can,t find my files/?!!!

Posted: 2020/07/15 22:34:52
by chilibowl
Hello fellow CENTOS -stellae 6.8 users /abusers -losers - learners :) .

I have been using C STELLAE OS 6.8 for 4 months now - Ilkie it very much , rather similar to good old Fedora or Redhat ,

even though i have been a Windows user for years , I like stellaes <Cents > simplicity and FINALLY Multi-Media Capability that seems to outshine most any other LinuX distro i have used - besides "puppy Linux" ------ . Ican Actually COPY dvds with it !! & watch them , remeber when Redhat /Mandrake came out -Totall Nightmare for FUN computing!!!

anyway -my problem is I losta user password , I went into ROOt and loked around in /etc/ file -no listing for passwd or shadow <iam going by knowledge
that iam reading ina 20-yearold Linux book -that covers Many Commands .

What do i try to do to recovermy passwd?? or do i delete my user file and set a NEW oneup??? I hate to loose data!!!

Regards -CHILIBOWL :cry:

Re: Lost My user Passwd !! help I can,t find my files/?!!!

Posted: 2020/07/15 22:43:31
by TrevorH
I've moved your post to the CentOS 6 forum as "Stella" is based on CentOS 6.

If you have root access then the easy way is just to set a new password for the user by running passwd $user (obviously changing $user) and it will prompt you twice to set the same password and change it.

There is no way to retrieve the old password as it's encrypted so you either remember it or change it. Unless it's a really trivial password in a dictionary list then it will take longer to crack it than CentOS 6 has left.

And, by the way, the current version is 6.10 and you should `yum update` to it. Please read all the release notes for both CentOS and RHEL 6 for all the missing point releases you need to update by. Worse, CentOS 6 now has less than 4 months of life left so you will need to say goodbye to your old CentOS 6 based install and set up from scratch on a newer version. Unfortunately nux, who produced Stella, has other commitments and his repo is not available for CentOS 8.

Re: Lost My user Passwd !! help I can,t find my files/?!!!

Posted: 2020/07/17 19:54:31
by chilibowl
:? OK TrevorH???? -The command line you mebtion is passwd $user -are you implying <SAYING> that in PLACE of $USER type IN the user NAME????? ~ ok I certainly know how to get into my root file !!!!!

Thanks for uPDATING mE on the current Status of NUX & Stella e Linux -- Ihave done updates !!!!!!! thru the Automatic "star" icon thingy :geek: :lol: I guess it was safe???? My version is Currently 6.8 -so i guessI ahve some time left!!!

thak you -chilibowl