Centos 6.9 root login the OS slow

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Centos 6.9 root login the OS slow

Post by arlyc » 2020/06/10 01:25:27

Hi experts,

I have two linux server, its version is Centos 6.9. lately I found the servers login the OS very slow for root user, but other user login speed is ok. I think the problem is probably with Environment variable, so I check the files include of .bashrc、.bash_profile、 /etc/profile and so on. but I can't find some abnormal. current my monitor software can't work normal because the SSH login is two slow, the connection will break. in addition whether login use SSH or Terminal, it is same problem. please give me some suggestion, thanks a lot.

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Re: Centos 6.9 root login the OS slow

Post by Justice200 » 2020/06/23 13:48:40

Found the issue (thanks this post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/841 ... ell-prompt)

The issue is in /etc/profile.d/zzzz-vamilocale.sh file, which is trying to read something from vm properties and stuck in that. removing this files solves the issue.

My way to debug this issue: 1. login as problem user 2. invoke "bash --login --verbose" 3. Find out line, which stops the executions 4. Find this line in one file from /etc/profile.d/

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