Build a CentOS tile server

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Build a CentOS tile server

Post by Nojood » 2020/06/06 12:02:18

In order to build a CentOS 6.5 OSM tiles server I'm looking for some documentation and/or tutorials.

I tried this one as I said in my previous post but it worked on Ubuntu 14.04, not on CentOS 6.5...

Also, I want to be able to connect to my tiles from QGIS via the server URL. It involves using some special protocols like WMS, WCS or WFS mcdvoice (I don't understand well about this).

If you have ideas you're welcome !
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Re: Build a CentOS tile server

Post by TrevorH » 2020/06/06 12:27:12

I have some ideas!

Don't build this on CentOS 6 is my first idea. For a start 6.5 is ridiculous as it's from 2013 so it's 7 years out of date and massively insecure. Even the latest version - 6.10 - is not very safe and should be avoided as it goes EOL completely in less than 6 months and there will be no more maintenance or security patches for it.

If you're starting this project with CentOS 6 then it's doomed. Don't do it.
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