MYSQL backup for MYISAM engine type

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MYSQL backup for MYISAM engine type

Post by saurabh.dua » 2020/05/05 06:49:39


i am migrating my host from Solaris Bare-metal to centOS6 VM. Iam using backup type =ZFS on solaris. which is defined as

zfssnap.conf.1 = var_tellme:24:2:0:0
zfssnap.conf.2 = .:0:0:0:0
zfssnap.mysql.lock = yes

while on centOS i defined it as
snap.conf.1 /var/tellme/:var_tellme:24:7:4:0

i am not sure for zfssnap.mysql.lock = yes parameter, do i need this parameter and whether this is supported on centOS6 and if yes how to define this. My storage engine type is MYISAM.


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Re: MYSQL backup for MYISAM engine type

Post by TrevorH » 2020/05/05 08:11:37

I think this is a mistake and you should review it. CentOS 6 is nearly dead and no-one and nothing should be migrating anything to it at this point in its life. In November this year, all updates will cease and you'll be needing to migrate it again to something else.

We don't support ZFS at all.

I would be looking at migrating your mysql data using mysqldump as it's more portable.
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