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Compilers error

Post by Nite_Max » 2020/05/03 16:13:51

can't find i586-gcc in $PATH
can't find m68k-gcc in $PATH
can't find mips-gcc in $PATH
can't find mipsel-gcc in $PATH
can't find powerpc-gcc in $PATH
can't find sh4-gcc in $PATH
can't find sparc-gcc in $PATH
can't find armv4l-gcc in $PATH
can't find armv5l-gcc in $PATH
can't find armv6l-gcc in $PATH (did you export it?)

I get these errors, how do i install the compilers

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Re: Compilers error

Post by TrevorH » 2020/05/03 16:18:46

What is that output from? What architecture are you trying to build for? Are you really attempting this on a nearly dead CentOS 6? There isn't enough information in your first post for anyone to be able to help.
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