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Setting up Mail for webspaces

Posted: 2020/04/22 10:22:20
by gloveny
Hi everyone. This is my first post and I'm not very good at server stuff.
I've got a virtual server with 1and1 (now IONS).
When you set up your plesk it asks you what sort of use it's going to be for. I set this up over a year ago so I'm not sure which option I selected, but depending on which option you select, Plesk gets set up to look different when you come to log in.

I am the only user on this system I add domains now and then but no one has access. SO I am the admin / super user / what ever you want to call it.
I'm able to make webspaces and I can access these using SFTP to add and edit file. I can create databases from the Plesk panel (Odin) for each webspace and use that no problem. But now I need to add email facilites but there is no web mail set up at all and no web tabs in Plesk to engage with what so ever.

I've, in the past had to re-image my server from IONS (1and1) and when you do this you have the choice of which OS you want and whic hPlesk you want. Does this have an effect of my ability to add a mail server?

Anyway is anyone willing to help me set one up? I'd like to be able to see a configuration tab in my Plesk control panel. I'd like to be able to add email address, add a catch all email address, have a front end interface I can log into and check emails. Be able to send emails from PHP code.

I used to be able to do this many years ago, on this server, but I've re-imaged quite a few times over the years and I must have changed into an enviroment that doesn't allow this. What do you think? Help really appreicated.


Re: Setting up Mail for webspaces

Posted: 2020/04/22 14:01:20
by TrevorH
I'm sorry but we cannot support any systems that have any sort of panel installed: cpanel, plesk, directadmin, CWP. All of them change CentOS so much that they are unsupportable here. As part of them you get support from the panel authors so you'll need to ask them.