smartd Problem in centos

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smartd Problem in centos

Post by MajidDehnamaki » 2020/04/13 07:55:04

hi every one
When I boot CentOS VM, I see that the system is stuck at "Running smartd"
I tried run in interactive mode but nothing happend
anyone can help me?

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Re: smartd Problem in centos

Post by TrevorH » 2020/04/13 12:17:10

I doubt very much if running smartd in a VM is very useful and it should be removed entirely.

However I suspect it's not the real problem. Have you installed any third party video drivers inside your VM - for example, vmware guest tools or virtualbox guest additions? If you did then those need to be reinstalled each and every time there is a kernel update as the old one is specific to the old kernel. If that is the problem then you can probably use some sort of "host key" defined by your virtualisation software to switch to a different terminal in cli mode, login as root and rebuild. On VirtualBox for example, use $hostkey-F2. That can be found in vbox by using File->Preferences on the main vbox window then highlighting the "Input" section on the left and then selecting the "Virtual Machine" tab and the top option there should be "Host Key Combination". Now go to your VM, hit that key and F2 at the same time and you should see a cli login prompt.
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