login issues on centos 6.10

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login issues on centos 6.10

Post by espirado » 2019/12/18 08:54:24

I am having login issues with centos 6.10. i cannot log in as ssh and no user can ssh either. i get bin/bash permision denied .i have tried disabling selinux but am still getting the same issues. The system also is not displaying any login screen after boot it goes blank but the system is up.some help with this?

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Re: login issues on centos 6.10

Post by TrevorH » 2019/12/18 10:07:26

Boot from rescue media and examine the logs in your installed system's /var/log directory. Also, if you can see the console as it boots, video it and play it back slowly so that you can see any errors that it spits out. You may want to remove rhgb quiet from the kernel command line first so that it boots in verbose mode.
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