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CentOS 6 now has less than 3 months of life left

Posted: 2019/12/04 16:31:07
by TrevorH
Don't delay, get migrating today

Red Hat have recently published a RHEL 6 errata entry that re-iterates the demise of RHEL 6 (and thus CentOS 6) on November 30 2020.

Please note that CentOS 6 now has less than one year six three two months of life left before it goes EOL and no more updates, security or otherwise, will be issued past the end of November 2020. The countdown has begun and you should plan to decommission all CentOS 6 machines before that date.

It should be noted that, unlike RHEL, there is no extended support option for CentOS. Once RHEL 6 goes EOL upstream at the end of November 2020, there will be no further updates for CentOS 6 at all. Red Hat will no longer publish source packages for RHEL 6 at this time so CentOS is forced to stop updates. Those using CentOS 6 and requiring more than 1 year six three two months of life are encouraged to investigate the RH extended support program although that will require a migration to RHEL 6 as it does not apply to CentOS 6.