version the CentOS 6 server

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version the CentOS 6 server

Post by imadeira » 2019/10/01 10:13:21

Good afternoon,
I wanted to install CentOS 6 operating system server version and non-desktop version, what is the server version, and where can I download this server version? Thanks

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Re: version the CentOS 6 server

Post by stevemowbray » 2019/10/01 11:47:05

There is only one version. Whether it's a "desktop" or "server" depends on which packages you choose to install.
However, CentOS 6 is end of life next year and contains a lot of very old package versions. You would be better using CentOS 7, which is supported until 2024, or CentOS 8, which has just been released and is supported for 10 years.

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Re: version the CentOS 6 server

Post by George99 » 2019/10/01 12:14:50

Download the DVD1 image suitable for your architecture (either i386 or x86_64) and choose during installation minimal, desktop, server etc

But be aware you will loose all Centos6 support in Nov 2020 so better choose CentOS 7 or newer.

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