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cant login in as root

Posted: 2019/09/18 11:52:14
by Pyraxiate
I am a new Tech at my job and have run into an issue with logging in as root. I did some research at work to find out that my complex system runs on CentOS, RedHat & RedHawk. I know after reading the cold build instructions that the users are created from the CentOS install but once logged in im using the RedHawk GUI. With all that said i will explain my problem...

I can login as a single user and open a terminal as root with no issues. When I try to login as root I get an authentication failure error. I searched in /var/log/messages and didnt see anything that stood out but more then willing to search again.

Thank You for any help you can provide.

Re: cant login in as root

Posted: 2019/09/19 07:39:37
by jlehtone
Why would you need to log into GUI as root?