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Missing Taskbar

Posted: 2019/03/14 10:11:03
by nandugan
Hello Everyone,

I am new to centos. I have installed centos / xrdp/tiger VNC using online tutorials. But I am not able to see the taskbar in the desktop.

Can anyone please guide me.

Thank You

Re: Missing Taskbar

Posted: 2019/03/14 10:16:23
by TrevorH
What version of CentOS? You've posted in the CentOS 6 section but I suspect you're on 7. If so I can move this to the right place.

If you are using 7 then make sure you use the supplied /usr/lib/systemd/system/vncserver@.service and copy it to /etc/systemd/system and make your changes there. Use systemctl daemon-reload after changing the file each time.