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Error writing in external hard drive

Posted: 2018/12/14 16:39:23
by cpereira
Hi there guys

So I'm having a problems with the permissions of my external drive, when I try to drag any documents it give the error "You do not have permissions to write to this folder". I tried to use the line bellow but is still not working any help with this?

chmod -R u+rw /media/Backups

Additional data I've formatted drive with ntfs and is a simple thosiba HDD 4TB


Re: Error writing in external hard drive

Posted: 2018/12/19 02:08:01
by northpoint
Couple of ways to do this. Just depends on your needs I guess.

Change the owner to you.

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chown -R <your login name>:<your login name> /media/Backups
Otherwise you can change the permissions:

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chmod -R 777 /media/Backups
Of course, 777 means everyone. Adjust it as needed.

Hope that helps.