why this's problem status=deferred

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why this's problem status=deferred

Post by dn123dn » 2018/11/05 17:04:47

Nov 5 17:41:51 toto4 postfix/smtp[5567]: 8C5B544153: to=<example@loasitalia.it>, relay=mx.loasitalia.it[]:25, delay=307, delays=0/300/6.4/0, dsn=4.0.0, status=deferred (host mx.loasitalia.it[] refused to talk to me: 421 mxcmd01.ad.aruba.it bizsmtp wGhq1y0180Dhya101 Too many connections, try later.)

(edit/avij: changed the email address a bit to avoid spam)

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Re: why this's problem status=deferred

Post by avij » 2018/11/05 17:39:37

"Too many connections" sounds like a good hint to me. Then there's a suggestion to "try later", which postfix will do after a while.

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Re: why this's problem status=deferred

Post by TrevorH » 2018/11/06 17:08:36

The mail server you are trying to talk to in order to deliver your mail is too busy. That's not your problem unless you also manage the server on the other end of the connection. If you don't then the most you can do is report the problem to the admin of that mail server... you could send them a mail I guess :lol:
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