CentOS 6.6 live CD/DVD missing

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CentOS 6.6 live CD/DVD missing

Post by AndrewSmith » 2015/01/14 21:19:09


Last year we switched several of our courses to CentOS, partly because of the long-term support. It worked out quite well, but this semester we ran into a very unpleasant problem.

There does not appear to be any live CD or DVD images available for download. These were in the course materials we developed and now (when the semester already started) is a really bad time to make changes.

What's worse is that there doesn't seem to be any explanation anywhere. The only acknowledgement I found that this is an issue was on a distrowatch release announcement where it says these ISOs are "not available yet".

Does the support till 2020 not apply to live disks? What's the reason they haven't been built for CentOS 6.6? Anybody know?

We'd keep happily using 6.5 but as you know that also dissapeared from mirrors.



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Re: CentOS 6.6 live CD/DVD missing

Post by avij » 2015/01/14 21:38:39

As far as I know, 6.6 live media is still on the roadmap to be produced. It just hasn't happened yet.

Yes, you can use 6.5 live media for the time being. They are still available in the vault or from a vault mirror (the latter is probably faster).

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Re: CentOS 6.6 live CD/DVD missing

Post by rklrkl » 2015/05/30 10:57:16

It's a bit surprising that 7 months after the 6.6 release, there's still no live CD/DVD for it :-(

Also note that (and this happens on the CentOS 7 live GNOME image too) there is a nasty bug when the live RAM disk
fills up when running the live CD/DVD - it corrupts the filing system and effectively hangs the live environment!

With no 6.6 live images, you'd have hoped booting into a 6.5 live image and running "yum update" wouild bring
you to 6.6. Sorry, no can do - this will fill the RAM disk and corrupt the filing system as I said :-( All the more
reason for there to be a 6.6 release of live images (6.5, 7.0 and 7.1 have them, so why not 6.6?).

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Re: CentOS 6.6 live CD/DVD missing

Post by AndrewSmith » 2015/05/30 14:07:03

Because nobody gives a damn apparently.


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