Does not have access permission

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Does not have access permission

Post by fasisi » 2014/07/04 01:39:23


I have a path on a hosting like this:


Somehow, when I access it from a browser with url like this: ... k/home.jpg

I got error message that say I do not have access permission.

But, when I rename the path to this:


(simply add one letter 'k')

With that new name, I can open the image with a browser.

Now, is there some 'hidden' code in the path?

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Re: Does not have access permission

Post by TrevorH » 2014/07/04 07:55:39

Look in your apache logs to see if there is more detail in the error_log.

I have moved your post to CentOS 6 General Support since it is about your own website and not about the CentOS website.
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Re: Does not have access permission

Post by Harryjames » 2014/08/22 09:39:18

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