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Make Centos Look Like Ubuntu

Post by agrayray » 2014/05/24 14:30:47

Anyone know of a theme out there or how I can make Centos look like Ubuntu?

I really love the look of Ubuntu (10.04), colors, icons and most importantly the TERMINAL, but prefer CentOS of course...


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Re: Make Centos Look Like Ubuntu

Post by ivoarch » 2014/05/25 16:36:34


First you need to download and extract the files from the tar.gz to /usr/share/themes for themes and /usr/share/icons for the icons.

Gtk themes
- ... 6.5.tar.gz

Windows buttons from rigth to left
In your terminal:

Code: Select all

gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string close,maximize,minimize:menu
Panels - ... .18.tar.gz
The rest - ... 5.2.tar.gz

- ... .31.tar.gz

Centos-lucid (ZOMBIE)-style

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