dns server help

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dns server help

Post by newpix » 2013/09/10 20:36:53

hi, i'm using centos 6.4, i wan't to install dns but i have a problem,
i need to install bind, caching-nameserver, and system-config-bind,
i can't install caching-nameserver or system-config-bind, i try using yum,
i've try looking on line for the rpms, when i try to install at the end says
package ......., already installed and latest version , nothing to do.

i use rpm -q to verify that and it says that is it not installed. so can some
one help me what am i doing wrong.

i can only install bind using yum, but the other 2 can't.

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dns server help

Post by gerald_clark » 2013/09/10 21:09:05

Welcome to CentOS.
New members need to r read http://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=47

Your fragmented partial explanations of what you have done are not helpful.

We need a full transcript of the commands you ran and the results you saw.

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Re: dns server help

Post by moonpup » 2013/09/11 00:32:25

The packages caching-nameserver and system-config-bind were deprecated a long time ago and no longer exist in version 6.x.

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