kvm guest installed via kickstart is setup with bridge

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kvm guest installed via kickstart is setup with bridge

Post by sudoyang » 2013/08/31 03:23:27

Does anyone know of an option in kickstart/anaconda that would prevent a bridge from being setup? Here's a scenerio that has been causing issues for me.

On my kvmhost are two bridges, say bridge0 and bridge1. virt-install is used to a CentOS 6.4 guest, attaching two interfaces to bridge0 and bridge1. After a fresh installation of the centos 6.4 guest, eth0 is setup as a bridge in the guest as well. The network doesn't work until the bridge is removed and replaced with eth0.

after kickstart installation of the guest , in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ directory, three files get created:


The ks file has this for setting up the network:

network --onboot yes --device eth0 --bootproto static --noipv6 --ip= --netmask= --nameserver --hostname testserver

How can one disable bridge setup in the guest?

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