Mount Point information not in the FSTAB file

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Mount Point information not in the FSTAB file

Post by lionh » 2021/09/11 14:55:02

I have an issue with version 6.7
the server has many mount point and I do not find any entry related to theses mount point in the FSTAB file and all mount point automatically mounted every time the server reboot .

my question is , Where is the mount point information ?

FYI, all mount point not created by LVM.


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Re: Mount Point information not in the FSTAB file

Post by TrevorH » 2021/09/11 15:15:10

I have an issue with version 6.7
Yes, yes, you do. You have many issues, starting with the fact that CentOS 6.7 is over 6 years out of date and is riddled with high severity security vulnerabilities. It should not be used.

All of CentOS 6 went End of Life almost a year ago and there have been and will be no more patches for it.. Ever.

It is not safe to run and you should be planning to migrate to something supported, preferably about 18 months ago. As a stop gap you can amend your repo files to point to the 6.10 directory on and yum update to 6.10 which at least will bring you up to "only" 1 year out of date. That may help while you work out how to get off CentOS 6 completely.

Meanwhile... if you have things mounted that are not in /etc/fstab then they were either manually mounted by someone or something with root access or they are set up in autofs (see /etc/auto.master and follow the config from there through any other files it pulls in).
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