Seeking software installation packages

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Seeking software installation packages

Post by errefer » 2023/05/31 03:36:24

hello,every can I get these packages,

thank you all

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Re: Seeking software installation packages

Post by TrevorH » 2023/05/31 09:40:33

None of those are CentOS packages so you would have to ask whoever built them. The "cgslv6_2.561.g00e30d0ba" in the names are some weird non-CentOS dist tag.
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Re: Seeking software installation packages

Post by tunk » 2023/05/31 12:56:51

I'm sure you know that CentOS 8 has been dead for 1.5 years?
And the regular CentOS kernel-4.18.0-193.14.2 is almost 3 years old.
So if the rest of your system is equally old, you have some security problems.
You could look into converting to one of the other clones/rebuilds
like Rocky, Alma, OEL, etc.

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