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mesh networking concern

Posted: 2023/04/12 17:52:13
by lightman47
The thought has occurred to me that perhaps Mesh might improve my wifi from my current linksys E1200 routers. Mesh initially appeared to be great, but menial research seems to indicate that it "phones home" - something that am finished tolerating (Microsoft, Google, Apple)!

Is this true of all mesh networks/manufacturers - does any one know? I could easily stick with my current home networking but was wondering if this was true.

Thank you.

Re: mesh networking concern

Posted: 2023/04/12 20:07:19
by TrevorH
Wouldn't that depend on the brand of mesh network kit that you use? And doesn't everything phone home nowadays? Even if just to check for firmware updates etc.

I just looked up the E1200 and I suspect just an upgrade would help - it appears to use wireless 802.11n which has a max speed of 300Mbps (probably rarely seeing even half that in real life). There've been at least 2 newer revisions of wireless standards since then. Even my now old Ubiquiti access points do 866Mbps over 5GHz and 300Mbps over 2.4GHz (apparently that qualifies as 1200Mbps so don't believe all the figures you see!). Some of the enhancements in newer versions use multiple aerials which also improves transmission through walls etc.

Of course, upgrade will also only help if your client devices support newer standards so this is a slippery slope to spending even more...

Perhaps you just need to avoid looking at things that say they have a cloud controller?