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Recommendations service providers

Post by bulgin » 2023/03/08 13:36:40

Hi. Been using Linode as a hosting medium but now they've moved their users to Akamai. Suddenly my server got thrown into a bucket of users who spam others when my server operates a highly sanitized mailing list that is regulary updated and we do not spam, and honor all requests for delisting. Now that linode has transitioned to Akamai it seems like Akamai is blocking access to port 25 for some of my email subscribers. So. . . long story short looking for suggestions on an alternate to linode/akamai that can host your standard apps, plus has a good reputation, while also using CentoOS as the OS.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Recommendations service providers

Post by TrevorH » 2023/03/08 14:19:16

There are lots of low(ish) cost providers like Digital Ocean/Vultr or even AWS/Google cloud/MS Azure.

You will need to switch distributions though since CentOS is dead - or at least will be once CentOS 7 goes EOL in just over a year. CentOS Linux 8 was killed by Red Hat and went EOL more than a year ago, there is no CentOS Linux 9 and never will be. There are alternate RHEL clones like Rocky/Alma/OEL that can be used instead of CentOS 8 or 9 so look at those.
The future appears to be RHEL or Debian. I think I'm going Debian.
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