Red Had Developer License and annual renewal

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Red Had Developer License and annual renewal

Post by lightman47 » 2023/03/05 19:34:09

I just renewed mine for the second time. Not only do I run several household machines with current 8/9 versions, but I also have access to Red Hat documentation requiring a subscription!

REQUIRES an expired license. Last year, I bumbled about for a couple hours trying to "renew" my license. (It's not at all straight-forward on their site!).
This year, I logged in, went to Subscriptions, and clicked on the 'renew' links for each, then got a notice that I'd be contacted by a rep. Some time thereafter, I got an email to Login to my account. When I did, I got the 'check-box' to accept the terms, which I checked.

Next year (plus a day), I'll poke around a little more to see if I can find & accept the agreement - in a single step.

They need you to accept the terms!! That's all it's about.

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Re: Red Had Developer License and annual renewal

Post by TrevorH » 2023/03/05 19:47:14

Yeah, The renew links don't work for DevSub accounts. You just need to do something on the web login that makes it realise your account is expired and it makes you re-agree to the T&C's and off you go.
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Re: Red Had Developer License and annual renewal

Post by toracat » 2023/03/05 21:51:06

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