Finishing up

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Finishing up

Post by billwest » 2022/07/01 00:58:51

I've been a Linux user for many years now, initially in my teaching career at technical college, starting with early RedHat, then on to Fedora, until I discovered Centos, from version 3 onwards. I picked up a good skills set.

During, and after I quit teaching, I devoted time and energy looking after IT matters in my wife's business. Centos 5 became our server's O/S, with attached winblows desktops (progressing from Windows 95 through to Windows 10), successfully looking after file sharing with Samba, emails with sendmail and dovecot, as well as squirrelmail and roundcube, web access with squid, DNS, firewall with iptables. I never got the hang of SELinux. We're currently running Centos 7, fully patched.

A Centos 7 server at home allowed us to set up a copy of our office environment, for after hours work, and to provide off-site backups.

The time has now come for us to hang up our boots and retire. This means an end to the use of Centos for our business.

This site has, for a long time, been a valuable resource to assist in the smooth running of our servers. A big thanks to the Centos developers and maintainers, and to those on this site for their assistance

We continue to use Linux at home, currently using Mint for our desktops.


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